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What Types of Hardscaping Features are Popular?

Explore the Possibilities for Your Property with Bedrock Gardens

“What types of hardscaping features are popular?” you may be wondering. Once you make the decision to address the landscaping needs of your property, turn to Bedrock Gardens. We offer local help in exploring some of the most popular hardscape items you might wish to add. It helps to know what types of hardscapes to install now, as well as plan to incorporate for the future.

Of course, much of what you consider possible depends on the size of the area and how you wish to use or improve on it. Some of the most decorative and useful hardscape items to install might be retaining walls, steps, or walkways. These can literally “pave the way” to adding other outdoor features.

So what types of hardscape features might you find locally at Bedrock Gardens? We offer a variety of brands and hardscape items. Examine the colors and quality for yourself, then select what you need to help you assemble just about anything to enhance your outdoor living space.


Popular Hardscaping Features for Luzerne & Lackawanna Properties

In our previous blog, we discussed how much value quality landscaping can add to properties in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties. But every project is different because residential and commercial locations have different needs. All properties can benefit from added curb appeal, so it might be good to take a look at some different types of popular hardscaping features.

“Hardscape is as essential to a residential outdoor living space as softscape, which is that living, green growing stuff (plants) in your yard. Heavy or light, formal or informal, big or small, natural or man-made (faux), hardscaping helps a garden by adding balance and focus. It serves as a focal point, delineates, adds dimensionality, and helps to decorate a landscape.

“A garden without hardscape is missing something. Imagine a landscape without gravel, rocks, arbors, gazebos, walls, brick, or wood. The plants and trees would be a never-ending forest of wild, growing things.

“Among the landscaping elements that are considered hardscaping:

Pool surrounds
Garden structures, like arbors, pergolas, and gazebos
Walls and fences
Stones and rocks
Landscape edging”
Courtesy: The Spruce


Look at How Popular Hardscaping Can Transform a Property

Let’s take a few minutes to consider just a few of these most popular hardscaping items. Certain features can help define the layout of your residential or commercial property. Other garden structures can add to its beauty, outdoor use, and security.


Landscape Edging, Walls, and Paths

These may be some of the most basic hardscape features to expect at both a home or business location. Someone must plan for these basics. What defines the green spaces and directs the best places where people traffic may go? Outlining lawn spaces or garden areas with landscape edging is a great beginning.

Landscape edging is but one nice amenity, though. Depending on the location, it may be beneficial to install a higher retaining wall made out of brick. Walls could serve to hold plants and bushes in a more formal way.

And then there are the pathways from here to there. Whether you seek to have casual but secure footing from the driveway to your door, or set a precise path to walk around the perimeter of your property, installing pavers and bricks may be the way to go.


Garden Structures – Arbors, Pergolas, and Gazebos

Residential and commercial locations can both add garden structures as part of the hardscape design. Arbors can provide a beautiful place for welcoming guests. While some arbor structures may remain plain, many can include some type of growing plant or vines to serve added function for growth, shade, and blending with the natural surroundings.

And when it comes to shade, the addition of a pergola may be just right. These open-air structures provide shade over a path or patio. A pergola might be decorated with additional plants at various times of the year. These can give homes and businesses a great place for enjoying the outdoors or taking photos of the changing seasons.

Another enduring and endearing garden structure to consider adding is a gazebo. Design your gazebo to suit your outdoor space and needs. Made from pressure-treated lumber, we have different sizes and styles in stock that are easy to install.


Elemental Structures – Fire Pits, BBQ Islands, and Water Features

Enhancing your outdoor space can include the addition of one or more elemental features. These bring heat in the form of fire and cooling in the form of water. Hot elemental structures, such as fire pits and BBQ islands, can do double-duty for occasional cooking. Water features can provide a soothing and relaxing oasis on some of the hottest days.


Fire Pits, BBQ Islands, and Outdoor Kitchens Add Some Heat

Let Bedrock Gardens be your local place when you want to add some heat to your landscape design. Our hardscape items can help you install the perfect fire pit that can warm up any gathering. Placing one or more fire pits on your property can give it added warmth year-round.

Installing a BBQ island or outdoor kitchen can be another step up from using an open fire for roasting the occasional hot dog. A BBQ island next to your patio can take your grilling up a notch as a structure and gathering spot. Using an outdoor kitchen is a great way to take warm-weather entertaining to the next level, as well. Both of these features are excellent ways to avoid overheating your indoor kitchen on hot days.


Include a Soothing Oasis with Water – Ponds, Fountains, and More

Adding a water feature to your property does not have to include the high expense and maintenance of a large pool. Modern water features used by homes and businesses alike can be a wellspring of beauty. Use a small fountain to attract customers to your business, or as a place to gather in the yard for some occasional outdoor fun.

If attraction is not your goal, then water can also provide a way to relax. Installing some rocks or stone and creating a small waterfall with a pump can create a sense of peace and serenity. Creating a pond can also be a way to add interest and lush relaxation to an outdoor space. Imagine sitting and listening to the sound of running water. It can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure.


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Gardens and outdoor spaces can be remarkable in the ways people use them. We invite you to visit Bedrock Gardens to explore. See the many ways to enjoy nature and the outdoor spaces around your home or business. Achieve a happy balance with the right hardscape features that fit your property best.

Homes and businesses in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties can turn to Bedrock Gardens. We are your local source for so many popular hardscape items from quality brands. Be sure to visit our blog next month for more on how to plan your landscape design.


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