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Lokbox Mobile Storage
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Lokbox Mobile Storage for Area Homes and Businesses

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties is a proud local dealer of Lokbox Mobile Storage units. If you are looking for a solution to store items in your home or business, Lokbox may be a great option. Lokbox is useful for temporary or permanent storage, and it is easy to transport if you move. Have peace of mind knowing your items are safe and protected in a Lokbox Mobile Storage unit. Since LokBox is weather proof, your items are safe from the worst mother nature can throw at it. We offer delivery of Lokbox units to all residential, commercial and industrial customers. Once you rent a Lokbox, you can choose what to store and how long it is stored. Contact Radznel’s for more information about our pricing for Lokbox.

LokBox is a Great Solution for All Types of Customers

LokBox Mobile Storage is a quick and efficient resource for homeowners and business owners who need a safe place to store their items. Whether you need temporary or permanent storage, Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has an effective solution to suit any project or business timeline. LokBox is also perfect for storage items you need for sales, events or fundraisers.

LokBox Mobile Storage for Residential Homes

A LokBox Mobile Storage unit is the perfect solution for storing household items during a remodeling or renovation project. Building a new home? Store your items in a Lokbox until the construction is complete. For homeowners looking to sell their homes, Lokbox is a great solution to move clutter. When it is time to move, LokBox goes with you to your new home. With everything out of the way, you can unpack items in your own time frame. Lokbox is also a great place to store patio or deck furniture during the colder months.

LokBox Mobile Storage for Commercial and Industrial Clients

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties offers LokBox Mobile Storage to commercial clients in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties. LokBox is a great option to store seasonal items, finished goods and raw materials. If you have important records or documents to store, chose LokBox for solution that provides a safe and waterproof environment. Whether you are in need of renovating or remodeling your commercial building, or ready to move to a new place, LokBox will keep furniture or equipment in good condition.