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Add a Garage to Your Home or Business for an Aesthetic Storage Space

Are you looking to add storage space to a home or commercial building? Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has several styles of garages in stock such as cape cod, A-Frame and doublewide. Our garages come in many different colors and trim levels for you to choose from.

Whimsical and Traditional Quaker Sheds With Loft Options

The Quaker shed is a beloved style for many of our customers and is loved by our staff as well. Quaker sheds feature a classic look that never goes out of style. Its overhanging roof gives it a whimsical feel from more traditional time periods. With 78” sidewall, 7’6 front wall, 6’6’ back wall and open rafters, Quaker sheds are spacious and easy to move around in. There is also enough room to install a loft for even more space.

A-Frame Shed Offers a Clean and Elegant Appearance

Another classic shed style available at Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties is the A-Frame. It is well known for its clean and elegant appearance that fits with any residential home. A-Frame may have a simple and classic look, but with 6’6 high walls, it also provides plenty of storage for whatever you need to store.

High Wall Barns Are a Perfect Storage Solution for Homeowners

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has high wall barns for those homeowners who need to clean the clutter in their backyards. These spacious barns are perfect for storing large equipment such as tractors, lawn mowers, tillers, gardening tools, supplies and other outdoor items. With a high wall barn, your important lawn and garden items are safe from the weather and will stay in good condition longer.

Mini Barns Bring the Farm to Your Backyard

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties is the place to find mini barns that will give your backyard a quaint country look. With a mini barn, you can bring the farm to your home while also having lots of space to store large lawn equipment and garden tools. Your new mini barn will protect your important items from people and the weather.

Hip Villa Sheds Offer Contemporary Style and Function

Looking for a shed that is as attractive as it is functional? Hip villa sheds offer beautiful contemporary styles and solid construction. Choose from wood or vinyl, plus many other great features to make your shed truly unique. With ways to customize a hip villa shed, you can be sure it will suit all of your backyard storage needs.

Dutch Barn Style Sheds Feature High Ceilings For Extra Storage Space

Homeowners looking for sheds with classic charm and a traditional look should consider a dutch barn. This style of shed features high ceilings with an included loft for ample amounts of storage space. Dutch barns are built with windows to take advantage of light to make it easier to move around and find what you need. Our Dutch barns come in wood or vinyl, with customizable options such as shingles, shutters, color, trim and many more.

Carriage Style Sheds Provide Old World Aesthetics and Features

Carriage style sheds are meant to imitate the look of carriage houses from older time periods. This style features old world aesthetics and alluring features that will make it a focal point of any backyard. Standard features include, wide double-hinged doors, arch top windows, stone, metal roofs, and overhanging roofs.

Run-In Sheds for Animals and Lawn & Garden Supplies

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has run-in sheds that are perfect for many outdoor storage needs. Run-in sheds are generally used for shelter for horses and to store all the necessary items needed to take care of them. However, run-in sheds are ideal shelters for other animals such as alpacas, llamas, sheep, cows, goats and other types of livestock. Run-in sheds are also great places to store lawn and garden equipment, lawnmowers, tractors, wood and anything else that fits.

Greenhouses for Small or Large Gardens

We have greenhouses in stock for the backyard gardener, horticulturist, or commercial grower. No matter why you need a greenhouse, you need something reliable to keep plants safe and help them grow. Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has the highest quality greenhouses available in the area. Whether you have a small garden or a large garden, we have the greenhouses to suit any size of property.