Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties

from Bedrock Gardens

Gazebos & Outdoor Furniture
for Hazleton, PA

Our Gazebos are High Quality and Easy to Install

At Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties, customers can custom build gazebos for their backyards. Choose from many interesting features, looks, sizes and styles to make your gazebo a one of a kind piece. When you buy a gazebo from Radznel’s, you can trust that it is a high quality product that will last for many years. Since our gazebos are easy to install, you can start enjoying it in your backyard sooner. For more information about our gazebos, contact Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties at (570) 501-3154.

Our Gazebo Features:

• Kits that are simple to put together
• Pressure Treated Lumber
• Stainless steel screws

Appearance Features to Choose From:

• White
• Ivory Vinyl
• Standard uncoated treated lumber
• Clear wood preservative finish
• White Paint
• Cedar

Styles & Sizes in Stock:

• Octagon: 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 13′, 14′, 16′
• Oval: 8′, 10′, 12′, and more
• Rectangular: 8′, 10′, 12′, and more

Sunrooms & Cabanas from Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has sunrooms and cabanas made with high quality materials and construction you expect. Our cabanas and sunrooms are customizable too. Customers may choose from a selection of colors, styles and many other custom design elements. Visit Radznel’s today or call at (570) 501-3154, to let us help you create the sunroom or cabana you always imagined.

Kids’ Swing Sets, Play sets and Playground Equipment

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has high-quality pressure treated wood overlaid with vinyl swing and play sets. Because our play sets include wood and vinyl, they withstand the constant use and offer easy maintenance. Radznel’s swing sets are safe for kids of all ages to use and are splinter free. For adults there is no need to stain, seal or paint play sets from Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties. Our playground equipment is also customizable from the colors, designs and styles. You can choose the swings, slides and other additions you like to any play set.

Outdoor Furniture from Radznel’s

We are a proud dealer of Breezesta furniture made with 100% recycle materials and King Tables wood furniture for the outdoors.

Poly Furniture from Breezesta at Radznel’s

• Maintenance Free
• Easy to clean
• Guaranteed for life!
• Made from 100% recycled poly components
• Available in 20 colors and custom color combinations

Radznel’s Wood Furniture from King Tables

Our wood furniture with a high-quality craftsmanship, simple and rugged style many have come to love. Since 1974, homeowners have enjoyed the comfort and practicality of using King Tables in the comfort of their own homes. King furniture is a great investment because it lasts for many years. Each piece of furniture from King features “hands-on” workmanship to create a high quality product every time. King goes to great lengths to make sure only the best grade of wood goes into their products.

Other Outdoor Furniture and Features Available at Radznel’s:

• Porch Swings
• Pergolas
• Windmills
• Mailboxes