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Outdoor Specialty Structures and Furniture for Homes and Businesses

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties of Hazleton, PA, is the local resource for high-quality Dutch style sheds, garages, gazebos, play sets, outdoor furniture, sunrooms, cabanas and more in the area. We are proud to provide great products and customer service to Luzerne and Lackawanna counties for over 20 years. Visit our facility to see what quality really means. Radznel’s delivers all of our outdoor products to customers within a 30-mile radius from our facility. We offer free delivery on many of our outdoor specialty items as well. Visit us to see our full inventory. Also contact us about a quote or to learn more about rent-to-own financing option.

Specialty Items and Furniture from Radznel’s:

Building Models
Animal & Pet Structures
Sunrooms & Cabanas
Play sets & Swings
Radznel’s Wood Furniture

Building Models for Storage and Greenhouses

We have many styles of garages in stock such as cape cod, A-Frame and double wide. Add storage space and style to your home. Our customers can make a garage their own with color and trim level options. If you need storage space that is separate from your home, Radznel’s also offers sheds. We have many classic and stylish varieties that are sure to look great in any backyard. Choose from styles such as Quaker, a-frame, high wall barns, mini barns, hip villa, Dutch barn, carriage style, and run-in sheds. For area gardeners Radznel’s has greenhouses of all sizes to keep plants healthy and safe.

Lokbox Mobile Storage Rentals for Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties is a proud local dealer of Lokbox Mobile Storage units. Lokbox is useful for temporary or permanent storage, and it is easy to transport if you move. Have peace of mind knowing your items are safe and protected in a Lokbox Mobile Storage unit. We offer delivery of Lokbox units to all residential, commercial and industrial customers. Once you rent a Lokbox, you can choose what to store and how long it is stored.

Keep All Four Legged Friends Safe and Secure

When you need to keep animals safe and secure, turn to Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties for high-quality structures. Our dog kennels, horse barns, chicken coops, and rabbit cages are the perfect solution to create a home for your animals. With our animal structures, you can have peace of mind knowing your dogs, horses, chickens, rabbits and more are protected from the weather and anything that would harm them.

Create a Beautiful Focal Point With Our Gazebos

Choose from many interesting features, looks, sizes and styles to make your gazebo a one of a kind piece. When you buy a gazebo from Radznel’s, you can trust that it is a high quality product that will last for many years. Since our gazebos are easy to install, you can start enjoying it in your backyard sooner.

Relax in a New Sunroom or Cabana From Radznel’s

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties has sunrooms and cabanas made with high quality materials and construction you expect. Our cabanas and sunrooms are customizable too. Customers may choose from a selection of colors, styles and many other custom design elements.

Our Play Sets are Loved By Kids and Adults

Radznel’s play sets are safe for kids of all ages to use and are splinter free. For adults there is no need to stain, seal or paint play sets from Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties. Our playground equipment is also customizable from the colors, designs and styles. You can choose the swings, slides and other additions you like to any play set.