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Types of Outbuildings Available for Properties

Bedrock Gardens in Hazleton, PA, Brings You the Basics and Much More

You may be interested in learning more about the types of outbuildings available for properties. In the Hazleton area, Bedrock Gardens is your source for the basics and much more. As part of your landscape design, property owners in the area turn to us for all sizes of useful buildings.

When you think of an outbuilding, what is your vision? If you grew up in a rural setting, you may have a very good image of the many types of structures we’ll talk about today. Perhaps the idea of expanding the use of the land around your home or business never crossed your mind? Some of these outbuilding ideas might be new to you, but they may literally open the door to many possibilities.


Starting with a Basic Shed Plus a Likely Upgrade

Many homes and businesses might be most familiar with some type of shed or utility structure. The basic shed that many start with might hold a few garden tools or some other implements. As your outdoor landscaping needs evolve over time, these subtle changes usually demand larger types of outbuildings.

Such an upgrade generally includes a larger size for much-needed space. For example, some property owners with lawncare needs might start with a small hand mower. If your home or business has a garage, it makes sense to house such things as mowers and other property maintenance tools in their own enclosure.


Gardening Evolution May Also Demand Separate Space

Should gardening rule your outdoor time, you may find it necessary to have a designated place to store pots, soil, and smaller hand tools. As with many outdoor projects, many people start small and grow their interest. Gardening can reap many rewards for both your physical and mental health. For some, gardening can evolve into a seasonal business!

It is likely that gardening tools and implements could take up part of an existing shed. Gardeners’ gives some interesting ways to store this equipment. It all depends on how much plant or vegetable gardening you do. Installing a potting shed may be another dedicated outbuilding for your property, while some may choose a greenhouse. If you have the space, why not both?
Link Gardeners’ to:


Children, Pets, and More Benefit from Outdoor Spaces

As much as everyone loves the outdoors, you may require an outbuilding or two specifically for your children. Children can have many items they use when playing outside, and these can change through the seasons. Many items, such as sleds, or skates, and even sporting equipment could be stored in their own outbuilding. Still other families may want to indulge in adding a playhouse next to the swing set. Separate outbuildings for storage and play could provide easy access and keep items from cluttering the landscape.

The same is true for pets or other animals you may keep. Knowing your pets are safe and secure might be another reason to install an outbuilding for their use. Depending on how you keep your pets, they can benefit from having their own space. Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties, part of Bedrock Gardens, offers a variety of animal-related options.

Whether you require a building for your dog, chickens, horses, or alpacas, visit us to explore the right size you need. ‘Stay tuned’ for next month’s blog when we’ll have a special focus on pet and animals structures.


Types of Outbuildings for Activities Centering on Outdoor Lifestyles

Last, and certainly not least, are the many outdoor activities that are such an integral part of your life. For all the times of the year when you take advantage of being outdoors, you may need a building to suit all you do. Consider the following:

Homeowners with a pool or boat: Do you feel as though you constantly have guests traveling in and through your home to change? Having an outbuilding just for changing out of wet clothing would be a wise installation. Store all your related flotation devices, oars, and more in one, convenient space.

Business owners with seasonal sales: Whether you sell produce after a harvest, or regularly welcome customers to do their taxes, consider adding a special outbuilding. Many customers today, with social distancing in mind, choose businesses that provide a quick drop off and pickup service.

Any property owner with a social schedule: If you invite guests or customers on a regular basis for the occasional cookout or social gathering, consider an outbuilding. Install a convenient place to set up and take down your materials, refreshments, and more. Adding a few outbuildings could provide alternate meeting spaces on nice-weather days, and serve as quick shelters on rainy ones.

Wintertime activities during ski season: You may have a need for a separate outbuilding just to house your wintertime gear. Snowmobiles, skis, snowboards, snowblowers, shovels, boots, and more can all find convenient storage with their own outbuilding. Dedicating one building to hold winter items frees up garage space, as well.


Luzerne & Lackawanna Counties’ Choice for Outbuildings and More

These are just some ideas of the many possible uses for outbuildings on your property. Maybe you have a few of your own? Speak with the landscape design professionals at Bedrock Gardens and Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties. It is our business to help your property look its very best.

Our team can help you every step of the way. Purchase and install the right outbuildings and structures to meet your needs. We work with a number of manufacturers to ensure buildings are of sound quality. Work with the pros at Bedrock Gardens to ensure proper placement and integration with your landscape design. Give us a call today for more information.


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