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Popular Types of Animal Structures at Bedrock Gardens in Hazleton, PA

Visit Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties for the Best for Your Pet

Visit Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties to see the popular types of animal structures available at Bedrock Gardens in Hazleton, PA. As we mentioned last month, pets and other animals you may keep thrive best when they have their own space. Whether you seek a spot for man’s best friend or a shelter for some horses, Radznel’s has great options.

Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties teams up with Bedrock Gardens to give Hazleton and the surrounding areas worthy choices. We know when it comes to pets, most homeowners in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties look for a sturdy structure. Many also desire something that is easy to maintain year-round.

The animal structures we have offer safe shelter for the types of pets and livestock most homeowners keep. Being able to shop for these popular types of animal structures close to home is a big time saver. Let us give you an idea of some sturdy possibilities for your pets and animals.


Find a Kennel as Dependable as Your Dog

Let’s begin with the animal friend many homes and businesses know best, the family dog. If you are an admirer of canine breeds, then you already know that some are better suited for time outdoors. All dogs need exercise and for many, this means taking them for a walk or run.

Some of the benefits of having a dedicated kennel space just for your dog go beyond exercise. Installing an outdoor kennel offers your devoted pet a sense of their own space where they can feel safe. It can serve as their own “room” for when you have visitors who may be uneasy around your curious canine.

Those with larger properties might fence off a portion to prohibit the dog from wandering. Where all dogs require some time and attention, a few breeds do better when left to spend time in a kennel and run. Consider installing a dependable kennel that is chew-proof, protects your dog from the elements, and is easy to clean.


Furry Friends Can Inhabit a Hutch…or Two

Domesticated rabbits are another source of enjoyment for many families. These soft, furry friends offer many years of companionship. As with dogs, rabbits who have a chance to exercise by occasionally running outdoors can have a healthier disposition. Providing your rabbit with an outdoor pen-and-run enclosure will give them a safe space to enjoy the fresh air.

If you have a solitary rabbit, one enclosure may be all you need. Because rabbits can breed quickly, it may be necessary to have separate spaces. Multiple rabbits will most likely require additional hutches to help manage their activities.

Consider adding an outdoor hutch or two for other small furry pets, such as ferrets and guinea pigs. As your family explores life with these and other remarkable pets, turn to the team at Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties. We can help add all the special spaces your pets need to enjoy their time outside.


Keep Hens Clucking Happily with Stylish Chicken Coops

Many families know the benefits of raising chicks into chickens. Raising chickens at home may be the first time many experience the word “livestock” when it comes to animals. While much may go into the endeavor, Radznel’s is ready when you are to install a chicken coop.

As part of your landscape, the right type and style of chicken coop will be an important decision. Some property owners prefer a larger enclosure that allows them entry space to clean roosts and gather eggs. Others might prefer a smaller coop with just enough access for convenient egg gathering.

Radznel’s can customize your coop to give your feathered friends the right kind of enclosure. Chickens who have a happy home can produce plentiful eggs. We may not be able to predict how much your chickens will enjoy their special space. However, you may reap the rewards when you gather their eggs for your breakfast.


Larger Livestock in Hazleton Require Bigger Barns from Radznel’s

We have worked our way up to the larger livestock that neighbors may have. Throughout the area that covers Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, horse barns and run-in sheds may be typical. As with other pet and animal structures, these may be customized to suit one or more animals.

Families or operators of small farms who have ponies, horses, donkeys, goats, alpacas, and other such animals require a barn. Barns provide animals with their own housing for a stall and to spend time out of the elements. Consider the many ways your larger livestock may require space around your property.

Radznel’s can provide the safe, secure buildings they need to thrive. Perhaps your pony is ready for a larger horse barn, or your family chooses to foster or raise multiple animals. When you are ready for something more than the pens they now have, call on Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties.


Pet and Animal Structures Can Change Outdoor Landscape Plans

Choosing to have one or more pets on your property is a wonderful way to connect with nature. Pets and animals give us so much back in return for the time and attention we give them. Bedrock Gardens and Radznel’s Outdoor Specialties are here for our neighbors who need pet and animal structures.

Deciding to install a pet and animal structure on your property can bring changes to your outdoor landscape plans. We work to help integrate these structures in ways that make sense for your ease and use. As the area’s local outdoor resource, we look forward to helping our customers make the most of their land.

Once you have a better idea and receive some expert advice, this is the best time to make adjustments to your outdoor landscape plans. If necessary, and if budget permits, you may think critically about what to install when. Depending on what your landscape plans might be, you may also have to think creatively, as well as critically.

We carry some of the top brands in the industry, and have local experience you can trust.

Call us today to find out more or to schedule a visit during business hours. Let Bedrock Gardens show you some reliable outdoor features to suit your home or business. Check back again to read more on outdoor landscaping ideas in and around Hazleton, PA.


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