Healthy lawn

Keep Your Lawn Looking Healthier

Bedrock Gardens is Keeping Your Yard Looking Its Best

If you need exceptional tools and tricks for keeping your lawn looking healthier, count on Bedrock Gardens. Everyone loves a healthy green grass for everyday life. That goes for when you’re hosting a get-together, or if you’re kids are playing in the backyard. Make sure your lawn is staying healthy year-round. Here are some great tips for keeping your lawn healthy courtesy of Family Handyman.

Make Sure You Cut the Grass at an Appropriate Height for the Year

How high you cut your grass depends on where you live, and the time of the year. If you live in a colder climate, you should cut your grass at one-and-a-half inches. If warmer, you should be at two inches or more. This can help prevent you from creating bare patches. The best practice is to measure the bottom of your mower deck, and add one-quarter inch.

Keep Your Lawn Mower Blades Sharp for Quality Cuts

Make sure you’re keeping your lawn mower blade sharp and balanced. That helps you have a clean and even cut every time you mow your lawn. Your grass could turn yellow if you damage it. That means you’ll need more water and nutrients for a proper recovery. If your cut is unbalanced, that can damage the structure of your lawn mower. You should balance and sharpen your blade three times a year for best results.

Give Your Lawn a Good Solid Soaking Rather Than Light Sprinkles

Soaking your lawn allows moisture to get to the root of your grass. Sprinkling means you will need more regular water treatment. Your lawn should get on average one to two inches of water per week whether it’s from you or nature. If you notice light green bottoms on the grass blades cut, that’s when you need to water it.

Only Mow the Top Third of Your Lawn, and Leave the Clippings Behind

The top of any grass blade you cut can help slow evaporation and keep weeds from growing. If you cut more than top one-third of your grass, that can mess with the roots and expose stems. Don’t pre-schedule the days you’re mowing your lawn either. When you should mow depends on where you live.

Do you need more ideas for keeping your lawn healthy? Give Bedrock Gardens, a call at (570) 501-3154. Follow us on FACEBOOK for more excellent ideas. We are happy to discuss ways for you to keep your lawn looking healthier.