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Avoidable Landscaping Problems

Bedrock Gardens is Helping You Avoid Landscaping Problems

Trust the experts at Bedrock Gardens in Hazel Township, PA for advice on avoidable landscaping problems. Have you looked at your home’s exterior lately? If it doesn’t look like you have taken care of it that creates a serious amount of trouble. There are several mistakes homeowners make when it comes to landscaping. Don’t make these same landscaping mistakes.


Make Sure You Keep an Eye on Your Green Spaces and Soil

Some common mistakes include cutting the grass too low, planting in a bad spot, and too deep. Cutting the grass too short can leave your lawn with bare patches, which attracts insects. Improper planting can result in your plants not getting the proper sunlight for growth. It can also affect the ability of your vegetation’s chances to live.


Not Matching Styles and Considering Curb Appeal Can Hurt Value

Many homeowners don’t put enough effort in making their front yard look good. Depending on where you live, that is the first thing visitors will see. That’s what will help you put your best foot forward. If you want plants, you should select plants that best complement your property.


Falling Victim to the Sticker Shock When They Want Improvements

Landscaping projects are generally more expensive than the typical home improvement project. On average, these jobs cost 30 percent more. Make sure you consider everything in your budget – from parts to labor. Make sure you have a plan for everything you want done. This can help you avoid many of these common mistakes. Do you want to learn more about common landscaping mistakes? Check out the great resources available through HGTV.


Bedrock Gardens Help You Avoid These Common Landscaping Issues

If you have landscaping questions, rely on the experts at Bedrock Gardens in Hazle Township, PA. We know the common mistakes homeowners make with their landscaping projects. We’re ready to help you avoid those same problems and offer quality advice. That helps you get the projects you need done at a great price.

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