Yard drainage system

How to Improve Your Lawn Drainage

Bedrock Gardens is Helping Your Lawn Drain Efficiently

For quality advice for how to improve your lawn drainage, trust the experts at Bedrock Gardens in Hazle Township, PA. Wet spots can create big problems on your property. They’re not fun to look at, and can make your maintenance work more problematic. That’s why you should consider these tips for proper drainage improvement courtesy of Family Handyman.


Install an Extension of the Downspout for Your Property

Your home landscaping can create a place for standing water. Look at where your water is coming from. It may be the result of draining into low areas of your yard. You can fix this problem by changing the direction of your pipe to another portion of your yard.


Construct a Rain Garden in the Lowest Portion of Your Yard

This is excellent for areas that tend to hold water. Fill it with plants that absorb water at a high rate. That helps remove mud, and offers you a place of beauty. You should have an underground drainage pipe installed as part of the process. You should build it at a slope of one-eighth of an inch.

Install a French Drain for Better Water Distribution

French drains are an excellent choice for dealing with a wide array of drainage problems. It helps distribute water over large land areas through pipes. These need superb materials which allows efficient water flow. These systems don’t require an inlet on only one end. Construct the drain to accept the water along its length for distribution underground.


Have a Dry Well for that Water to Flow Through

Wells are large holes you fill with gravel or other materials to absorb the extra water. That helps you increase the capacity of your well by burying special dry well barrels. These containers will collect water, and hold the excess water while it moves through the ground.


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