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Landscaping Hacks To Save Money

Bedrock Gardens Offers Quality Landscaping Hacks for Your Budget

Trust Bedrock Gardens in Hazle Township, PA for landscaping hacks to save money. Landscaping is one of the many ways you can improve property value. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. There are many simple ideas that can save you money in the long run. Family Handyman offers some ideas and additional hacks for your property.


Plant a Couple of Extra Trees to Complement Your Lawn

While you may have a well taken care of lawn, trees help enhance the beauty of your property. It can help you create shaded areas, and help control lawn growth. Trees help you keep your property as low maintenance as possible. Use plastic jugs for protecting your youngest trees.


Give Your Clay Pots a Proper Cleaning Using Vinegar

If you use clay pots for your landscaping, make sure you use vinegar when you clean them out. That can help you prevent mineral deposit stains from remaining. Combine a bucket with vinegar and water, and let your pots soak for one hour. Make sure you give them a thorough scrubbing.

Make Your Watering Process More Automated and Efficient

No one needs to dig up their garden to add sprinklers. You can add a rain barrel to your gutters, and connect. Use a gravity fed drip line that you can use on your plants. That allows your plants to get the water they need. And it’ll save your gutters.


Plant Your Pots in the Ground When You’re looking for Plant Control

If you have concerns over how much your plants will grow, this will help control that risk. Make sure you use a mix of potting soil and fertilizer, which will help with the transition to the ground. We don’t recommend this for perennial plants, which have a greater likelihood of outgrowing the pots. We recommend this for smaller plants.

For more great landscaping hacks, give Bedrock Gardens, a call at (570) 501-3154. Follow us on Facebook for more excellent ideas. We are happy to discuss landscaping hacks to save money.