Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Lawn in Great Shape with Proper Maintenance

Lawn care maintenance tips go a long way in maintaining the quality of your yard. According to, lawn care maintenance costs between $48 and $211 per year. Everyone loves to show off their lawn to guests, especially in the summer. Once you’ve created the outdoor space of your dreams, how are you going got maintain it? At Bedrock Gardens, we help clients in and around Hazle Township, PA care for their lawn.

This month, we will explain some lawn maintenance tips. First, we will provide a list of some essential tips. Then, we will talk about how to fix specific lawn problems. Finally, we will explain what tools you need for proper lawn maintenance. At Bedrock Gardens, we are proud to educate clients in and around Hazle Township, PA, about lawn care maintenance tips.

Apply Proven Landscaping Techniques for The Best Results

For quality results, it’s best to apply techniques on an autumn lawn and in the spring. Doing so will allow the grass the best chance to grow and repair in the summer. Following these simple tips will help you avoid a dull, weed-infested lawn:

Remove Weeds and Moss

Weeds and moss can appear anywhere in so many ways. Lawn weeds can grow as seed heads or flowers. The best way to remove weeds is by hand or with tools. In order to remove moss, you must identify and reduce the problem. Once you do this, you can monitor and maintain the moss with feeding and scarifying.

Improve Drainage

Poor drainage causes lawns to become waterlogged for hours or even days. Changing the nature of your soil can improve drainage levels.

Add Fertilizer

Fertilizing a lawn is one of the easiest things you can do to maintain its health. The only supplies needed are a lawn spreader and a high-quality fertilizer.

Test Your Soil

Taking the time to learn about your yard’s soil can keep your grass looking fantastic year after year. A soil test will answer questions about its health and the best things to do for a better lawn.

Mowing and Edging

It’s best to remove one-third of the grasses’ length when mowing and edging your lawn. With colder weather comes less mowing and with warmer weather comes more mowing. You can also maintain your borders and edges with shears after you finish mowing.

Follow These Tips to Fix Common Lawn Problems

Lawns throughout Hazle Township, PA, and beyond can potentially suffer many common problems. By performing the following tips, you can fix issues like eroding slopes, wet soil, mushrooms, and swampy areas:

 Patchy Lawn

It’s best to thicken up patchy areas of your lawn in the fall. Doing so can improve the overall health of your grass. You can start by aerating compacted soil then spreading seed and topsoil.

Uneven Growth

Make sure to regularly prune your trees and find shade-tolerant grass for your region. Doing so will help your lawn grow nice and evenly.

Bald or Bare Spots

Lightly tilling the areas around the spots along with digging them up can fix bald or bare spots.

Light Rings Filled in with Grass

You can remove unsightly spots, commonly known as fairy rings, by removing them and planting fresh seed.

Suspicious Holes

Everyone has encountered critters on their lawn at some point. These animals can cause damage to your lawn by digging holes. To remedy this issue, use a grub treatment and inspect your property on a weekly basis. If you monitor the health of your lawn, it will reward you with months of lush growth.

Use the Proper Tools for Efficient Lawn Care Maintenance

Every homeowner relies on essential tools to take care of their lawn. While you can rent some of these tools from time to time, you may want to purchase them eventually. Homeowners use these tools so often that they want to own them to avoid the hassle of renting. Here are some tools to consider buying or renting for proper landscaping maintenance:

  • Aerator
  • Blower/Vacuum
  • De-Thatcher
  • Edgers
  • Hand Weeding Tools
  • Hose and Sprinkler Heads
  • Lawn Mower
  • Lawn Spreader
  • Rain Gauge
  • Rakes
  • Spades
  • Sprayer
  • String Trimmers

It’s essential to purchase these tools from a reliable place. You need to speak to a team of experienced workers about the proper tools for your particular lawn. At Bedrock Gardens, we have given countless residents of Hazle Township, PA, lawn care maintenance tips.

Purchase Your Landscaping Tools from Bedrock Gardens

At Bedrock Gardens, we pride ourselves in providing residents in and around Hazle Township, PA, with quality tools for landscaping. Our team is proud to provide everything from fertilizer to new flowers. Since our inception, we have helped countless customers in Hazle Township, PA, and beyond take care of their landscaping needs.

Customers throughout Hazle Township, PA, trust our landscaping team because of our timeliness and professionalism. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time and creating a beautiful, well-maintained lawn for you. To learn more about our landscaping services, contact us.

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