10 Tools Everyone Needs for Landscaping

Every Homeowner Needs the Right Tools for Yard Maintenance

This month, we are here to talk about the 10 tools everyone needs for landscaping. With an arsenal of 10 tools, you can handle just about any job around your property. However, if you’re a new homeowner, you may be confused about which tools are the best ones. Not to worry, though; Bedrock Gardens is here to help you.

Our team will provide you with a list of 10 tools that everyone needs for landscaping. To go with the list, we will also offer the benefits of each instrument. At Bedrock Gardens, we have helped customers in and around Hazle Township, PA, take care of their yards. We are happy to help you find the 10 tools everyone needs for landscaping.

 Consider Purchasing These 10 Tools Everyone Needs for Landscaping

It can be very challenging to perform yard care in Hazle Township, PA, without the proper tools. You don’t need a vast collection but having the appropriate instruments can help make the job much easier. Here is what we believe are the 10 tools everyone needs for landscaping in Hazle Township, PA:

Gloves – The Most Important Garden Tool

Have you ever tried pulling up nettles or thorny shrubs without them? If so, you can understand why gloves are at the top of this list. Even prolonged use of hand tools causes surprising damage to your bare hands through pressure. We recommend investing in a pair of tough gloves to defend your hands from prickly brambles. Doing so will make your yard care more comfortable and enjoyable.


If your landscaping project requires some serious digging, using a shovel can get the job done quickly. It’s essential to purchase a well-made and durable shovel because the handle will be under some pressure. Before purchasing, be sure to see how the shovel feels in your hands to make sure it’s right for you.


While hand pruners are suitable for small branches, loppers can handle big trees and shrubs. These overgrown pruners have long handles that provide extra leverage. They also have ratchet mechanisms built into them to make cutting even easier.

Leaf Rakes

Other than gathering leaves, rakes have more uses than the average person might think. This tool can break up soil and level about beds. You can choose between straight-headed rakes or leaf rakes with longer prongs. Just like shovels, be sure to test out the rake prior to purchasing.


Most new homeowners don’t think they need a wheelbarrow. However, without one, you will need to make more back and forth trips around the garden. Wheelbarrows come in many different shapes and sizes. Think about the size of your yard before purchasing a wheelbarrow. SFgate.com tells us how to measure a wheelbarrow correctly.


This tool is one of the most essential items to keep your lawn looking nice. We recommend using a string trimmer than a blade. While blades produce a great finish, string trimmers are a much safer option. It’s vital to keep safety in mind when performing any kind of yardwork.

Lawn Mower

It isn’t easy to maintain yards of any size without a lawnmower. This tool comes in all shapes and sizes. Lawnmowers come in high-tech electrical models as well as manual models.


You will find yourself using this tool the most. No matter what you’re doing, you are likely to discover plants that need cutting back. A high-quality pair of secateurs can chop through stems or branches up to ¾ inch thick. If you have roses, use secateurs to cut off the dead flowers once the blooms are spent.


This little shovel is the go-to tool for planting small potted flowers and more. They are cheap and made with durable materials. For bigger jobs, we recommend spending a few more bucks to get a sturdy one-piece trowel.

Digging Fork

You can use this tool for loosening soil over large areas to break it up before digging. In simple terms, a digging fork is a larger version of the hand fork.

Invest in the 10 Tools Everyone Needs for Landscaping

Landscaping tools can cost a lot of money upfront. However, it will be worth the money because looking after a yard requires proper tools. It’s essential to invest in quality tools that withstand the test of time. Here at Bedrock Gardens, we have the right tools for your next landscaping project in Hazle Township, PA.

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