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Five Ways Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Bedrock Gardens Offers Quality Landscaping for Your Home

When you want five ways landscaping can improve your home’s value in Hazle Township, PA, count on Bedrock Gardens. Quality landscaping can help you improve the value of your home by 14 percent. Flowers, trees, palms, shrubs, grass and more add beauty to your property. Here are five ways you can help raise the price of your home courtesy of Space Wise.


Plant Trees to Help Fill Up Open Land on Your Property

When you add trees for your land, they help add between $1,000 and $10,000 to your home value. Mature trees, which generally take three to eight years for growth, are what attract buyers. You can also hire a landscaping company, including Bedrock Gardens, which can help you plant them on your property.


Keep Your Shrubs and Bushes Looking Neat and Trimmed

If you have a lot of shrubs and bushes on your property, not taking care of them can be trouble. Potential home buyers take a close look at your shrubs. Make sure you are pruning and shaping bushes in your yard. That can help you get rid of overgrowth and dead branches. It also helps with plant growth.

Help Your Soil Quality with a Fresh Batch of Mulch

Mulch helps retain moisture in your soil. It helps with evaporation, and insulates the soil. That ensure your plants have the nutrients needed to grow in part because of the lower root temperatures. That helps your plants look their best all year. It’s also a great finishing touch for your landscape.


Landscape Lighting Helps Make Your Home Shine

Outdoor lighting on your home is a growing trend for home buyers. Quality landscape lighting lets you improve home security, and make it stand out at night. LED and solar options can help you control your electric bill.


Add a Water Feature for Your Front Yard

Waterfalls, foundations and small ponds can help improve your curb appeal. Some larger water options do require some upkeep. But smaller ones don’t require as much maintenance because they have water recycling features.

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