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Here Are Some Outdoor Living Features for Hazleton, PA

Providing Beauty and Functionality to Your Luzerne County, PA, Home

Outdoor living features for Hazleton, PA, are a tried-and-true pastime. As we head into the fall months, with cooler weather, you may consider working on outside projects. There are tons of exciting avenues for homeowners to design their outdoor living space. With added features, you will have every excuse to enjoy nature.

This month, we will talk about outdoor living features for Hazleton, PA, homeowners. First, we will tell you some trends that can inspire your creativity. Then, we will give you some ideas to spice up your outside spaces. Bedrock Gardens is proud to educate our customers on outdoor living features for Hazleton, PA.

Use These Trends to Inspire Your Creativity for Outdoor Projects

The size of your outside space doesn’t define how you use the area. No matter your square footage, you can create an exquisitely designed patio, porch, deck, or garden. Even if you spend a lot of time at home, go and get some fresh air on your deck. Here are some trends to help inspire you to create the outdoor living space of your dreams:

Align Outdoor Style With Indoor Style: Design consistency brings a finished and luxurious look. Keeping the same style in both spaces helps make the design more seamless throughout. Consistency is a big component to achieving the perfect design. If you can’t think of anything that works consistently, getting it close to your idea may get the job done.

Design a Deck That Delights: An outdoor deck seems like a great feature, but it comes with maintenance. Using scratch, stain, and moisture-resistant wood can lessen the constant upkeep required for your deck. Homeowners won’t have to spend weekends resealing their deck. Instead, they can enjoy it.

Make Your Space A Destination: Design your outdoor space as a spot to relax and unwind. Complement your home’s natural scenery with a creative privacy wall and jacuzzi. This feature makes the space inviting and creates the perfect rest stop after a long day.

Create A Custom Kitchen: Cooking has become increasingly popular with the outdoors. Feature a wet bar and a fireplace in your outdoor kitchen. Using natural elements like wood and stone work well in outside spaces and complements the home’s natural surroundings.

Reference The Natural Surroundings: Including organic elements in your design complements the natural surroundings. Custom wood panels provide shade and privacy to your outdoor space. Wood, such as white ash, creates a handsome foundation for exterior dining spaces.

Enclosures to Make Any Home Cozier: Making your space usable year-round can help you get the most out of it. Using vinyl-glazed panels can help reduce heat, cold, and humidity. This feature can also create year-round outside living spaces for your whole family.

According to the International Casual Furnishings Association, during the COVID-19 pandemic, 90 percent of Americans spent more time outside.

Ideas to Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space in Hazleton, PA

You don’t have to own a big estate to enjoy nature. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a condo, you can maximize your outside living space with some creativity. Here are some ideas to spice up your outside living space in Hazleton, PA:

Change Up Railings: If your deck has seen better days, consider replacing the railings with fresh ones. Horizontal cable railings, glass, aluminum grid panels, and even horizontal boards can give your deck a modern feel.

Work From the Ground Up: A little paint, some stencils, and a bit of patience can transform a bland porch. If you like how the tile looks but don’t have the money for it, this could be a great option.

Change up the Deck Color: Giving your deck a different stain color can make the wood look new. If you need a total replacement, a composite deck offers brown, gray, and red tones that complement any home’s style.

Reach for the Sky: Adding tall accents can make the smallest spaces seem a little roomier. Curtains, tall dividing screens, and trellises are great ways to incorporate privacy and height.

Think Smaller: You may have given up on a sofa, but you don’t have to give up on comfort. A settee with plush cushions on club chairs is an excellent choice for small outside spaces.

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